Catalan Style Tänze

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Tanz Choreograpfie    
24 By 24 Els Quatre
Gord Bamford - 24 By 24
A Country Boy David Villellas
John Denver - Thank God, I'm a Country Boy
Big One Lilly & Mario
Bobkatz - Life's Like Fishing
Cost Me The Teachers (Big Ben 2015)
Dayron Sharp - Cost Me Everything
Friends Ambrós Sillero
Bryan Adams - You've Been A Friend To Me
From A To Z Silvia Denise Staiti
Kenny Chesney - Trip Around The Sun
Inseme Claude Mela
George Canyon - Mama Tried
Letting Go The Dreamers
Josh Kelley - Ain´t Lettin' Go
Settle Down Syndie Berger
The McClymonts - Settle Down
Thunder Road Adriano Castagnoli
Addison Jonnson - Blues
Wild And Free Laura Jones
Chancey Williams - Tin Roof


Unsere Tanzliste
Tanz Choreographie Musik Wann    
1 & 1 Virginie Barjaud Phil Vassar – Amazing Grace 11/2016
10 Years Beer Bruno Moggia Cameran Nelson - Beer Lease (with Kevin Fowler) 09/2017
14 Reasons David Villellas Lisa McHugh - Feels Like Love 03/2017
16 Bars Edu Roldos Connor Christian & Southern Gothic – 16 Bars 05/2015
1929 Carmen & Ramona Tara Oram - 1929 05/2013
A Girl To Remember Bruno Moggia Kevin Fowler - Girl In A Truck 02/2013
Alive Marta Agut Martinez Phil Vassar - Love Is Alive 12/2013
Already Gone The Teachers (BBC 2016) Dallas Smith - I'm Already Gone 07/2017
Anything For Love The Dreamers James House - Anything For Love 04/2017
Ay Ay Ay David Villellas Brett Kissel - Navajo Rug 01/2016
B.B.C. Lilly & Mario Alan Jackson - You Never Know    
Better Together Silvia Denise Staiti Dianna Corcoran - Little Crush 03/2018
Bible Belt Virginie Barjaud Tarvis Tritt - Bible Belt 02/2014
Big Ben The Dreamers John Mc Nicholl - Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You 10/2013
Brotherhood Adriano Castagnoli Lorrie Morgan - Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink 02/2013
Canadian Country Boy Richard Fatoux Ty Baynton - Canadian Country Boy 04/2014
Champions Taste Lilly & Mario Home Free - Champagne Taste 07/2016
Ciao Magali & Julian Marshall Dane - Love And Alcohol 07/2013
Cinderella Virginie Barjaud Lisa McHugh - Hey I'm A Woman 01/2018
Country Mill David Villellas Kevin Fowler - Beer Season 01/2013
Country Strong Mario Niderhuber Billy Currington - That Changes Everything 12/2012
Dance Again Adriano Castagnoli The Clarks Family Experience - Standin' Still 10/2013
Dixie Bruno Moggia Rodney Atkins - About The South    
Duty Free Esther & Rose Zac Brown Band - Natural Disaster 01/2016
Fairless Mom's The Southern Gang Theresa Rose Riley - Fairless Mom's 05/2013
Firestorm Adriano Castagnoli Karen McDawn - Cajun Hoedown 01/2013
French Kiss Virginie Barjaud Jeff Wood - Our First Kiss 11/2016
Friday Yet Nadia Krieg Gord Bamford - Ist It Friday Yet 11/2012
Get Ready The Dreamers Nathan Carter - Fishing In The Dark 06/2013
Go Crazy Strikes Dylan Scott - Makin' This Boy Go Crazy 09/2015
Gonny Fly Lourdes Martín & Joan de Haro Aaron Watson - Take You Home Tonight 07/2017
Gravity The Dreamers Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers - Gravity 02/2018
Great Gamble Bruno Moggia Blue County - Losing At Loving 10/2015
Hallelujah Adriano Castagnoli The Samaritans - Joy's Gonna Come In The Morning 11/2012
Headin' West AVECA Group Daly Stephenson - Headin' West 06/2017  
Heartbreaker Lilly & Mario Faith Hill - Piece Of My Heart 05/2015
Heartpulse Bruno Moggia Old Man Markley - Hard To Understand  
Hey Boss Lilly & Mario Vince - One More Last Chance 03/2018
Hold Jgor Pasin Matt Borden - Maybe I Shouldn't 06/2016
Holly's Church Lilly & Mario Home Free - My Church 09/2016
Jackson Hole Adriano Castagnoli Billy Yates - Happy 03/2013
John Wayne Adriano Castagnoli Pat Green - John Wayne And Jesus 01/2016  
Jumping Jack Flash Virginie Barjaud Little Big Town - Pavement Ends 12/2015
Km0 David Villellas Sonny Burgess - Girl Next Door  
Late Express Silvia Denise Staiti Daniel Lee Martin – Then It Hits You 09/2016  
Less Travelled The Dreamers Graeme Conner - The Road Less Travelled 06/2014
Life Is Better M.C. Gil Drake White – Life Is Better 06/2014
Lifetime Adriano Castagnoli Stuart Moyles - Jessie 10/2017  
Little Princess Lilly & Mario Zingga - That's What I Want to Say 11/2016  
Lost In Me David Villellas Nathan Carter - Wagon Wheel 05/2013  
Loveline Silvia Denise Staiti Tim McGraw - How I'll Always Be 05/2017  
Lunam David Villellas Derek Ryan - Country Soul 08/2014
Mestei David Villellas Billy Yates – Tell Me I’m Wrong 10/2014
Monroe Teddy Fournet Ashley Monroe - Monroe Suede 10/2016  
Mountain Man Bruno Morel Dean Brody - Mountain Man 03/2015
My Blue Jeans Adriano Castagnoli Kevin Sharp - If You Love Somebody 11/2013
My Own Sunshine Laura Steven Tyler - Make My Own Sunshine 03/2017  
Oregon Silvia Denise Staiti Aaron Watson - Getaway Truck 01/2018  
P3 Gabi Ibanez Wilson Fairchild – Take It Or Break It 11/2013
Pizza & Beer Adriano Castagnoli Tony Ramey - Dreaming Enough To Get Me By 01/2016
Phoenix David Villellas Evi Tausen - Blue Radio  
Recreation Land Teo Lattanzio Tristan Horncastle - Recreation Land  
Riverside Blue  Adriano Castagnoli Gary Ray - Six Pack 09/2015
Shot Of Glory Teo Lattanzio The Washboard Union - Shot Of Glory 06/2017  
Shotgun House Adriano Castagnoli Shane Worley - Shotgun House 02/2013
Smiling Family Tradition Sonny Burgess - Anytime I'm Smiling 08/2014
Socks & Diapers David Villellas Josh Gracin - Favorite State Of Mind 06/2013
Southern Bruno Morel Julie Reeves - Trouble Is A Woman 11/2014
Song To You The Dreamers Prophets And Outlaws - My Song To You 09/2015
Stay Lilly & Mario New West - Stay With Me 02/2018  
Story Wild Meeting Drake White - Story 12/2017
Sunrise Edu & Lydia Kyle Park - Leaving Stephenville 02/2013
Superheroes Virginie Barjaud The McClymonts - Lifelines & Superheroes 11/2016  
Sweet Eyes David Villellas Ritchie Remo - Don't Close Your Eyes 03/2018
Sweet Goodbye David Villellas Jetty Road - Sweet Goodbye 06/2013
Tag On David Villellas Beccy Cole - To Strong To Break 03/2015  
Take Me Away The Dreamers Keith Miles - Road I'm On 02/2016
TH Guest Ranch David Villellas Lisa McHugh - Girl With The Fishing Rod 08/2017
Thanks To You Adriano Castagnoli Carolyn Dawn Johnson - I'll Think Of You That Way 09/2013
To Be Continued David & Silvia Derek Ryan - One Good Night 02/2016
Tour In Mexico Adriano Castagnolie Coffey Anderson - Go To Mexiko 02/2018  
Truck A Truck Jóse Ferrer The Road Hammers - A Girls Who Loves To Truck 06/2012
Try Everything Lilly & Mario Home Free - Try Everything    
Two Babies Adriano Castagnoli Derek Ryan - What Dancin's For 10/2014
Wildfire Lilly & Mario Aaron Watson - Wildfire 03/2017
Yaboy Ladies & Boy Nathan Carter - Long Time Gone 07/2013
Yellowstone Road Adriano Castagnoli Tim Hicks – Nothing On You And Me 11/2014
You Get It David Villellas Bryce Pallister - Ready To Go 06/2013
You Mean To Me Sandrine Tassinari Tori Darke - Karma 07/2013


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